SE03XL battery for HP Pavilion 14-AL series laptop- 41.5Wh,3 cells battery

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  • Condition: New – Voltage: 11.55V Capacity: 41.5Wh
  • Replace Part Number: SE03XL HSTNN-LB7G HSTNN-UB6Z TPN-Q171 849908-850 849568-541
  • Fit For: HP Pavilion 14-AL100 14-AL125TX 14-AL136TX 14-AL027TX 14-AL028TX Series
  • How to raise the battery life: 1: After receiving the battery,Please charge it fully, then discharge it to around 10% ,and do it as three times. 2: If you don’t use the battery for a long time, please charge and discharge it once a month
  • Warranty:  12 months onsite warranty – 10 days Money Back guarantee by Lap Gadgets
  •  Reach our product expert at +91-261-3514669 for more information.

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Note: 11.1V and 11.55V are compatible, they are in common use.

SE03XL battery for HP Pavilion 14-AL series laptop- 41.5Wh,3 cells battery

Employed high quality cells from Samsung, the brand new 11.55V 41.5Wh(3 cells) replacement HP SE03XL Li-Polymer battery is totally compatible with the original manufacturer’s specifications. Through tested, all our Li-ion replacement batteries for HP SE03XL have been certified to meet and even exceed the original battery performance. Each replacement battery of the HP SE03XL laptop has been tested on the HP system before being dispatched to ensure the safety of your HP laptop.

Except for being designed under the supreme control criterion, the high-quality replacement HP SE03XL laptop battery carries with a smart interior circuit board that provides battery-unbalanced-shut-off protection, thermal-runaway protection, overcharged protection, over-discharged-shut-off protection, and high/low-temperature-shut-off protection. Besides, the battery contains free lead, mercury and other environmental metal pollutants. It is compliance with international standards. Every replacement HP laptop battery has passed through a series of rigorous safety tests and been certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002. Generally speaking, this replacement HP SE03XL battery can be charged/discharged up to more than 600-800 cycles.

Use it anywhere you go. Get optimum performance at every stage of your life.





Compatible HP Battery Part Number

  • 849568-421
  • 849568-541
  • 849908-850
  • SE03041XL
  • SE03XL
  • TPN-Q171

Compatible HP Laptop Model Name

  • Pavilion 14-AL000NB
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NV
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL001TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL001TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NS
  • Pavilion 14-AL002TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL003TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL003TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL004TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL005NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL005NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL006NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL006NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL006TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL006UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL007NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL007NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL007TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL007TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL007UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL008NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL008TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL008TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL008UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL009NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL009TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL009UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL010NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL010TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL010TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL010UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL011ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL011TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL011TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL011UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL012TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL013TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL014TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL015NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL015TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL016TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL017TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL017TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL018NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL018NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL018TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL018TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL019NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL019TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL020TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL021TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL021TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL022TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL022TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL023TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL023TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL024TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL024TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL025TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL025TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL026TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL026TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL027TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL027TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL028TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL029TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL030TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL033TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL037TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL038TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL039TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL040TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL044TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL046TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL047TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL048TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL049TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL050TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL052TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL056TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL058TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL059TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL061NR
  • Pavilion 14-AL061TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL062NR
  • Pavilion 14-AL067TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL068TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL069TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL070TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL071TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL072TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL073TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL074TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL075TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL082NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL083NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL083TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL084TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL085TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL086TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL087NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL087TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL088TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL089NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL089TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL090NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL090TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL091NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL092NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NQ
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NL
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NQ
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL101TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL101UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NL
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL102TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL102UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NB
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NU
  • Pavilion 14-AL103TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL104TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL105NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL105NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL105TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL106TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL106TX
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  • Pavilion 14-AL110NF
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  • Pavilion 14-AL110TX
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  • Pavilion 14-AL111TX
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  • Pavilion 14-AL112NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL112TU
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  • Pavilion 14-AL114NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL114TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL115NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL115NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL115TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL115TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL116NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL116TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL117NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL117TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL118NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL118TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL119NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL119TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL120ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL120TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL121TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL122TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL123TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL124TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL125ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL125TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL126TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL127TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL128TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL129TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL130TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL131TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL132NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL132TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL133TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL134TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL135TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL136TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL137TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL138TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL139TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL140TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL141TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL142TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL143TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL144TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL145TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL146TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL147TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL148TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL149TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL150TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL151TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL152TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL155TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL156TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL157TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL158TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL159TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL161TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL162TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL163TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL164TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL165TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL166TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL167TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL168TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL169TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL170NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL170TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL171NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL171NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL171TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL172NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL172TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL173TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL174NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL174TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL175TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL176TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL180NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL182NO

Additional information

Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 5 cm

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Image #1 from Harsh Sinha
Image #1 from Harsh Sinha

Harsh Sinha

I got my battery cheapest from any other website from Lapgadgets . Its 700 days old (approx) ..Battery cycle was 0 when I installed means it is new and not been used before...Working good since I bought.

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Image #1 from Harsh Sinha
  1. 06

    Debi Pati (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link


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  2. 06


    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Very good packaging and genuine product.

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  3. 06

    Lokesh P.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    GENUINE PRODUCT. Thank you.

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  4. 06

    SHAKTI SHANKAR YADAV (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Support not best

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  5. 06


    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The battery was around 900 days old, but with 0 charge cycle, so that’s good. Working fine as of now.

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SE03XL battery for HP Pavilion 14-AL series laptop- 41.5Wh,3 cells battery

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