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we give 30 days return window for most of our products except some products like laptop body, screen and other products. For first 30 days if the item gets defect then we will arrange a pickup from you if we have return pickup service in your area otherwise you need to send back to our address through courier.  After 30 days anything happens and you need to claim warranty then you have to send the item to our address through courier at your own cost. If you are staying in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda or Mumbai then you can get replacement locally at our branches, for more information you can contact us at +91-261-3587759.

We are available for your doubts or queries prior to purchase for any laptop part. We want you to buy correct laptop part for your laptop, which would avoid returns and exchange. More over our laptop parts experts have in depth knowledge for laptop batteries, adapters, keyboards, screens and other parts. So you have the best option to ask for any queries related to service or product. You can simply click here


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