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HP original 65w Charger For Pavilion 15-R 15-H, 15-E, 15-P, 15-S, 15-K, 15-AC series Blue tip

Rs. 899 Rs. 2,999 70% OFF

Product Code: ADHP65WBLU-1



Tip: 4.5mm x 3.0mm  Blue Tip

100% Genuine original HP charger without power cord & external connectors

1yr limited warranty by HP

Compatible with : All HP pavilion 15-E series laptop, 15-R series laptop, 15-K series laptop, 15-H series laptop, 15-G series laptop,  HP 240 G2, 240 G3, 245 G2, 245 G3, 246 G2, 246 G3, 250 G2, 250 G3, 255 G2, 255 G3, 256 G2, 256 G3 14t 14z 15t 15z 17z 17t Touch, HP 15-AC series laptop

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Description: New HP laptop ac adapter charger and power cord. 65 Watt. 
Tip: 4.5mm x 3.0mm Blue Tip

Compatible Part #'s: PPP009D, PPP009C, 710412-001, 709985-002, 714657-001, HSTNN-DA15, HSTNN-LA15, 714149-001, 714149-002, 714149-003, 714158-001, PA-1650-34HE, AD9043-022G2, HSTNN-CA15, PPP009A, 709985-004, 677774-002, 693711-001, A065R00DL

Compatible Models: 
HP CHROMEBOOK 14-Q001XX, 14-Q010DX, 14-Q029WM, 14-Q039WM, 14-Q049WM, 14-Q050CA, 14 G1, 14-Q030NR, 14-Q070NR, 14-q010nr, 14-q020nr, 14-q063cl, 14-Q008TU, 14-Q009TU. 
HP CHROMEBOX CB1-001XX, CB1-010, CB1-014, CB1-016, CB1-019, CB1-020, CB1-015la, CB1-020la, CB1-025la, CB1-101TU. 
HP Pavilion 15-E013NR 
HP 14-d005AX, 14-d006AX, 14-d007AX, 14-d007AX, 14-d007la, 14-d013AU, 14-d014AU, 14-d015AU, 14-d019AU, 14-d022TU, 14-d023TU, 14-d024TU, 14-d025TU, 14-d026TU, 14-d027TU, 14-d027br, 14-d028TU, 14-d028br, 14-d028la, 14-d029TU, 14-d029la, 14-d030br, 14-d032TU, 14-d032la, 14-d033TU, 14-d034la, 14-d040la, 14-d041TU, 14-d042la, 14-d043la, 14-d044TU, 14-d047TU, 14-d048TU, 14-d051TU, 14-d052TU, 14-d053TU, 14-d056TU, 14-d057TU, 14-d058TU, 14-g001AX, 14-g002AX, 14-g003AX, 14-g005la, 14-g007AX, 14-g05AX, 14-r001TX, 14-r002TX, 14-r003TX, 14-r004TX, 14-r005TX, 14-r006TX, 14-r007TX, 14-r008TX, 14-r010la, 14-r013TX, 14-r013la, 14-r014TX, 14-r015TX, 14-r017TX, 14-r018TX, 14-r019TX, 14-r023TX, 14-r024TX, 14-r025TX, 14-r027TX, 14-r028TX, 14-r029TX, 14-r050br, 14-r051br, 14-r052br, 14-r101TX TS, 14-r103TX TS, 14-r104TX, 14T-R000, 14T-R000, 14T-R100. 
HP 15-D027CL, 15-D037DX, 15-D038DX, 15-D041DX, 15-D045NR, 15-D053CL, 15-D069WM, 15-D079WM, 15-D081NR, 15-D082NR, 15-D083NR, 15-D089WM, 15-D090NR, 15-R004XX, 15-d026TU, 15-d027TU, 15-d028TU, 15-d029TU, 15-d030TU, 15-d031TU, 15-d032TU, 15-d033TU, 15-d034TU, 15-d037TU, 15-d039dx, 15-d048TU TS, 15-d049TU, 15-d050TU, 15-d051TU, 15-d053TU, 15-d054TU, 15-d056TU, 15-d057TU, 15-d058TU, 15-d059TU, 15-d060TU, 15-d061TU, 15-d062TU, 15-d063TU, 15-d064TU, 15-d065TU, 15-d067TU, 15-d068TU, 15-d069TU, 15-d070TU, 15-d074TU, 15-r001TX TS, 15-r002TX TS, 15-r003TX, 15-r004TX, 15-r006la LTNA, 15-r009TX, 15-r010TX, 15-r011TX, 15-r012TX, 15-r017TX, 15-r018TX, 15-r019TX, 15-r021TX, 15-r023TX, 15-r024TX, 15-r025TX, 15-r026TX, 15-r027TX, 15-r029TX, 15-r030TX, 15-r031TX, 15-r038TX, 15-r039TX, 15-r040TX, 15-r044TX, 15-r114TX, 15-r115TX, 15-r116TX, 15T-R000, 15T-R100, 15Z-D000. 
HP 210 G1, 215 G1, 240 G2, 240 G3, 240, 242, 242 G1, 242 G2, 245, 245 G2, 245 G3, 248 G1, 250 G2, 250 G3, 255, 255 G2, 255 G3, 340, 340 G1, 350, 350 G1, 355, 355 G2. 
HP ENVY 14-K010US Sleekbook, 14-K027CL Sleekbook, 14-k002la Sleekbook, 14-k004la Sleekbook, 14-k006la Sleekbook, 14-k008TX Sleekbook, 14-k009TU Sleekbook, 14-k010TU Sleekbook, 14-k010la Ultrabook, 14-k012la Ultrabook, 14-k014TU Sleekbook, 14-k019TX Sleekbook, 14-k026TX Sleekbook, 14-k027TX Sleekbook, 14-k030TX Sleekbook, 14-k036TX Sleekbook, 14-k037TX Sleekbook, 14-k041TX Sleekbook, 14-k106la Sleekbook, 14-k120TX Sleekbook, 14-k121TX Sleekbook, 14-k122TX Sleekbook, 14-k123TX Sleekbook, 14-k125TX Sleekbook, 14-k131TX Sleekbook, 14-k132TX Sleekbook, 14-k133TX Sleekbook, 14-u001la, 14-u007TX, 14-u013TX, 14-u121la, 14T-U000, 15-J011DX, 15-J011NR, 15-J013CL , 15-J030US, 15-J031NR, 15-J060US, 15-J075NR, 15-J085NR, 15-J175NR, 15-J185NR, 15-K019NR, 15-K192NR, 15-j010us, 15-k001TX, 15-k002TX, 15-k003TX, 15-k008TX, 15-k009TX, 15-k010TX, 15-k011TX, 15-k012TX, 15-k013TX, 15-k014TX, 15-k015TX, 15-k016TX, 15-k017TX, 15-k018TX, 15-k019TX, 15-k020TX, 15-k021TX, 15-k022TX, 15-k023TX, 15-k024TX, 15-k025TX, 15-k026TX, 15-k027TX, 15-k029TX, 15-k034TX, 15-k036TX, 15-k049la, 15-k050la, 15-k101la, 15-k109TX, 15-k110TX, 15-k113TX, 15T-K000, 15T-Q100, 15Z-J000, 15Z-J100, 17-J010US, 17-J011NR, 17-J013CL, 17-J027CL, 17-J040US, 17-J050US, 17-J057CL, 17-J060US, 17-J099NR, 17-J115CL, 17-J150NR, 17T-K100, 20-k001la. 
HP ENVY M6-K010DX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K088CA SLEEKBOOK, M6-N010DX TS, M6-N012DX, M6-N014DX, M6-N015DX, M7-K111DX. 
HP ENVY QUAD 15T-J000, 17T-J000. 
HP ENVY ROVE 20-K014CA, 20-K014US, 20-K120US, 20-K121US, 20-K127CL, 20-K214, 20-k001TU, 20-k003TU, 20-k004TU. 
HP ENVY SELECT 15T-J000, 17T-J000. 
HP ENVY TOUCHSMART 14-K001XX SLEEKBOOK, 14-K020US ULTRABOOK, 14-K074CA SLEEKBOOK, 14-K110NR ULTRABOOK, 14-K111NR SLEEKBOOK, 14-K112NR SLEEKBOOK, 14-K120US SLEEKBOOK, 14-K153CA SLEEKBOOK, 14T-K000 ULTRABOOK, 14T-K100 ULTRABOOK, 15-J007CL, 15-J009WM, 15-J020US, 15-J023CL, 15-J040US, 15-J057CL, 15-J070US, 15-J073CL, 15-J080US, 15-J107CL, 15-J119WM, 15-J170U, 15-J173CL, 17-J017CL, 17-J127CL, 17-J160NR, M6-K001XX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K012DX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K015DX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K022DX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K025DX SLEEKBOOK, m6-k026dx Sleekbook, M6-K054CA SLEEKBOOK, M6-K058CA SLEEKBOOK, M6-K122DX SLEEKBOOK, M6-K125DX SLEEKBOOK, M7-J003XX, 14T-K000 ULTRABOOK, 14T-K100 ULTRABOOK. 
HP ENVY TS 14-k004TX Sleekbook, 14-k005TX Sleekbook, 14-k006TX Sleekbook, 14-k007TX Sleekbook, 14-k020TX Ultrabook, 14-k021TX Ultrabook, 14-k022TX Ultrabook, 14-k023TX Ultrabook, 14-k024TX Sleekbook, 14-k025TX Sleekbook, 14-k028TX Sleekbook, 14-k029TX Sleekbook, 14-k032TX Ultrabook, 14-k033TU Ultrabook, 14-k034TX Sleekbook, 14-k035TX Sleekbook, 14-k042TX Sleekbook, 14-k119TX Sleekbook, 14-k124TX Ultrabook, 14-k126TX Sleekbook, 14-k127TX Ultrabook, 14-k134TU Ultrabook, 15-J152NR, 15-j003TU, 15-j004TU. 
HP Pavilion 10-E019NR, 10Z-E000, 11T-N000, 14-N064CA, 14T-V000, 15-E010US, 15-E011NR, 15-E012NR, 15-E014NR, 15-E015NR, 15-E016NR, 15-E016WM, 15-E018NR, 15-E020CA, 15-E020NR, 15-E020US, 15-E021NR, 15-E022NR, 15-E027CA, 15-E027CL, 15-E028US, 15-E030WM, 15-E033CA, 15-E037CL, 15-E039NR, 15-E040CA, 15-E041CA, 15-E043CL, 15-E049CA, 15-E053CA, 15-E061NR, 15-E062NR, 15-E063NR, 15-E064NR, 15-E065NR, 15-E066NR, 15-E067NR, 15-E068NR, 15-E071NR, 15-E072NR, 15-E073CA, 15-E073NR, 15-E074NR, 15-E075NR, 15-E076NR, 15-E077NR, 15-E078NR, 15-E084CA, 15-E085NR, 15-E086NR, 15-E087NR , 15-E088NR, 15-E089NR, 15-E099CA, 15-E180NR, 15-E181NR, 15-E182NR, 15-E183NR, 15-E184NR, 15-E185NR, 15-E186NR, 15-E187NR, 15-E188NR, 15-E189NR, 15-N010US, 15-N012NR, 15-N013CA, 15-N014NR, 15-N019WM, 15-N020CA, 15-N020NR, 15-N028US, 15-N030CA, 15-N030US, 15-N033CA, 15-N034CA, 15-N048CA, 15-N048NR, 15-N060CA, 15-N060NR, 15-N064NR, 15-N065NR, 15-N066US, 15-N067NR, 15-N069NR, 15-N084CA, 15-N096NR, 15-N097NR, 15-N225NR, 15-N243CL, 15-N248NR, 15-N284CA, 15-P000, 15-P033CL, 15-P034CY, 15-P035CY, 15-P036CY, 15-P037CL, 15-P037CY, 15-P041NR, 15-P042NR, 15-P043NR, 15-P044NR, 15-P045NR, 15-P046NR, 15-P047NR, 15-P048NR, 15-P049NR, 15-P050NR, 15-P051US, 15-P080CA, 15-P084CA, 15-P133CL, 15-P167US, 15-P184CA, 15-P221NR, 15-P222NR, 15-P223NR, 15-P224NR, 15-P225NR, 15-P226NR, 15-P227NR, 15-P231NR, 15-P232NR, 15-P233NR, 15-P234NR, 15-P235NR, 15-P236NR, 15-P237NR, 15T-E000, 15T-N100, 15T-N200, 15T-P000, 15Z-E000, 15Z-N100, 15Z-P100, 15Z-P200, 15t-P000, 17-033NR, 17-E009WM, 17-E010US, 17-E011NR, 17-E012NR, 17-E013NR, 17-E014NR, 17-E016DX, 17-E017CL, 17-E017DX, 17-E019DX, 17-E020DX, 17-E020US, 17-E021NR, 17-E024NR, 17-E027CL, 17-E028CA, 17-E030US, 17-E031NR, 17-E032NR, 17-E033CA, 17-E034NR, 17-E035NR, 17-E036NR, 17-E037CL, 17-E038CA, 17-E039NR, 17-E040US, 17-E046US, 17-E048CA, 17-E049WM, 17-E050US, 17-E053CA, 17-E055NR, 17-E056US, 17-E061NR, 17-E062NR, 17-E063NR, 17-E064NR, 17-E065NR, 17-E066NR, 17-E067CL, 17-E067NR, 17-E068NR, 17-E071NR, 17-E072NR, 17-E073NR, 17-E074NR, 17-E075NR, 17-E076NR, 17-E077NR, 17-E078NR, 17-E079NR, 17-E086NR, 17-E087NR, 17-E088NR, 17-E089NR, 17-E098NR, 17-E101NR, 17-E102NR, 17-E103NR, 17-E104NR, 17-E105NR, 17-E106NR, 17-E107NR, 17-E108NR, 17-E109NR, 17-E110DX, 17-E110NR, 17-E111NR, 17-E112NR, 17-E113DX, 17-E113NR, 17-E114NR, 17-E115NR, 17-E116DX, 17-E116NR, 17-E117DX, 17-E117NR, 17-E118DX, 17-E118NR, 17-E119NR, 17-E119WM, 17-E120CA, 17-E120NR, 17-E121CA, 17-E121NR, 17-E122CA, 17-E122NR, 17-E123CL, 17-E128CA, 17-E130US, 17-E131NR, 17-E134NR, 17-E135NR, 17-E137CL, 17-E140NR, 17-E140US, 17-E141NR, 17-E143NR, 17-E144NR, 17-E146NR, 17-E146US, 17-E147CA, 17-E147CL, 17-E147NR, 17-E148CA, 17-E149NR, 17-E150NR, 17-E151NR, 17-E153CA, 17-E155NR, 17-E160NR, 17-E161NR, 17-E162NR, 17-E166NR, 17-E169NR, 17-E172NR, 17-E173NR, 17-E175NR, 17-E176NR, 17-E180NR, 17-E181NR, 17-E182NR, 17-E183NR, 17-E184CA, 17-E184NR, 17-E185NR, 17-E187NR, 17-E188NR, 17-E189NR, 17-E193NR, 17-E194NR, 17-E195NR, 17-E196NR, 17-E197NR, 17-E198NR, 17-E199NR, 17-F004DX, 17-F019WM, 17-F023CL, 17-F028CY, 17-F029CY, 17-F031CY, 17-F032CY, 17-F041NR, 17-F042NR, 17-F043NR, 17-F044NR, 17-F045NR, 17-F046NR, 17-F047NR, 17-F048CA, 17-F048NR, 17-F049NR, 17-F050NR, 17-F051XX, 17-F084CA, 17-F184CA, 17-F221NR, 17-F222NR, 17-F223NR, 17-F224NR, 17-F225NR, 17-F226NR, 17-F227NR, 17-F231NR, 17-F232NR, 17-F233NR, 17-F234NR, 17-F235NR, 17-F236NR, 17-F237NR, 17T-F000, 17Z-E000, 17Z-E100, 17Z-F000, 17Z-F100, 17Z-F200. 
HP Pavilion TOUCHSMART 10-E020CA, 10Z-E000, 10-e011dx, 11-E010NR, 11-E011NR, 11-E015DX, 11-E015NR, 11-e016dx, 11-E040CA, 11Z-E000, 14-F020US SLEEKBOOK, 14-F021NR SLEEKBOOK, 14-F023CL SLEEKBOOK, 14-F027CL SLEEKBOOK, 14-F040CA SLEEKBOOK, 14-F048CA SLEEKBOOK, 14-F088CA SLEEKBOOK, 14-N018US, 14-N028CA, 14-N047CA, 14-N048CA, 14-N073CA, 14-N151XX, 14Z-F000 SLEEKBOOK, 14Z-N100, 14Z-N200, 15-N011NR, 15-N013DX, 15-N020US, 15-N023CL, 15-N024NR, 15-N034NR, 15-N037CL, 15-N040CA, 15-N040US, 15-N041CA, 15-N044NR, 15-N046US, 15-N047CL, 15-N061NR, 15-N062NR, 15-N068NR, 15-N080CA, 15-N088CA, 15-N098NR, 15-N207CL, 15-N274CA, 15T-N100, 15T-N200, 17-E125NR, 17-E129NR, 17-J117CL, 17-J157CL, 11-E110NR, 17-E132NR, 14-N014NR, 14-N019NR, 15-N071NR, 15-N087NR, 15-N088NR, 15-N089NR, 15-N090NR, 15-N091NR, 15-N092NR, 15-N093NR, 15-N094NR, 15-N287CL, 10-E010NR, 17-E150US, 17-E160US. 
HP Pavilion 10-e011la, 10-e013la, 11-e001la, 11-e003la, 11-e109AU, 11-e110AU, 11-e112AU, 11-n021br x360 PC BRZL, 11-n022br x360 PC BRZL, 11-n025br x360 PC, 11-n026br x360 PC, 11-n030ar x360 PC LA MERCO, 14 - e014la, 14-N222TX TS, 14-N224TX, 14-N225TX INDO, 14-N226TX INDO, 14-N227TX, 14-N228TX TS, 14-N229TX TS, 14-N230TX TS, 14-N231TX INDO, 14-N232TX TS INDO, 14-N233TX INDO, 14-N234TX TS INDO, 14-N235TX INDO, 14-N236TX INDO, 14-N237TX, 14-N238TX, 14-N239TX, 14-N240TX, 14-N241TX, 14-N242TX, 14-N243TX, 14-N244TX, 14-N245TX, 14-N246TX INDO, 14-N247TX TS INDO, 14-N248TX INDO, 14-N249TX TS INDO, 14-N250TX, 14-N251TX, 14-N252TX, 14-N253TX, 14-N254TX, 14-N255TX, 14-N256TX TS, 14-N257TX, 14-N258TX, 14-N259TX TS, 14-N260TX, 14-N262TX, 14-N263TX, 14-N264TX, 14-N265TX, 14-N266TX, 14-N267TX, 14-N268TX, 14-N269TX, 14-N270TX, 14-N271TX, 14-N290TX, 14-N291TX, 14-N292TX, 14-e001TU, 14-e002TU, 14-e003TU, 14-e004TU, 14-e005TU, 14-e008TU, 14-e009TU, 14-e010TU, 14-e010la, 14-e011TU, 14-e012TU, 14-e012la LTNA, 14-e013TU, 14-e014TU, 14-e015TU, 14-e016TU, 14-e017TU, 14-f002la Sleekbook, 14-f004la Sleekbook, 14-n001TX, 14-n002TX, 14-n003la, 14-n005la, 14-n007la, 14-n009la, 14-n010br, 14-n013TU, 14-n013la, 14-n014TU, 14-n015TU, 14-n020br, 14-n020la, 14-n021la, 14-n024TU, 14-n026la, 14-n028TU, 14-n028la, 14-n029la, 14-n030br, 14-n030la, 14-n035TX, 14-n036TX, 14-n036la, 14-n037TX INDO, 14-n038TX INDO, 14-n039TX INDO, 14-n040TX INDO, 14-n040br, 14-n050br, 14-n222TX, 14-n229la LTNA, 14-n240la, 14-n243TU TS, 14-n293TX, 14-n297TX TS, 14-v001TX, 14-v002TX, 14-v003TX, 14-v004TX, 14-v005TX, 14-v006TX, 14-v007TX, 14-v007la, 14-v008TX, 14-v009TX, 14-v010TX, 14-v011TX, 14-v012TX, 14-v013TX, 14-v013la, 14-v014TX, 14-v015TX, 14-v016TX, 14-v016la, 14-v017TX, 14-v018TX, 14-v019TX, 14-v020TX, 14-v023TX, 14-v024TX, 14-v025TX, 14-v033TX, 14-v034TX, 14-v035TX, 14-v036TX, 14-v037TX, 14-v038TX, 14-v039TX, 14-v040TX, 14-v041TX, 14-v042TX, 14-v043TX, 14-v044TX, 14-v045TX, 14-v046TX, 14-v047TX, 14-v052TX, 14-v053TX, 14-v054TX, 14-v055TX, 14-v056TX, 14-v057TX, 14-v058TX, 14-v060br BRZL, 14-v062br, 14-v063br BRZL, 14-v064br BRZL, 14-v065br BRZL, 14-v066br BRZL, 14-v101TX, 14-v102TX, 14-v103TX, 14-v121la, 15-e001AU, 15-e001TU, 15-e002TU, 15-e003AU, 15-e003TU, 15-e004AU, 15-e004TU, 15-e005AU, 15-e005TU, 15-e006AU, 15-e007AU, 15-e008AU, 15-e009AU, 15-e010AU, 15-e010TU, 15-e011AU, 15-e011TU, 15-e012AU, 15-e012TU, 15-e013AU, 15-e013TU, 15-e014AU, 15-e014TU, 15-e015AU, 15-e015TU, 15-e016AU, 15-e016TU, 15-e017TU, 15-e018AU, 15-e018TU, 15-e019TU, 15-e020TU, 15-e021TU, 15-e022TU, 15-e023TU, 15-e025TU, 15-e101TU, 15-e102TU, 15-e103TU, 15-n004TU, 15-n005TX, 15-n007TU, 15-n008AU, 15-n008TU, 15-n008TX, 15-n009AU, 15-n009TU, 15-n009TX, 15-n010AU, 15-n010TU, 15-n011AU, 15-n014TU, 15-n015TU, 15-n016TU, 15-n017TU, 15-n023TU, 15-n024TU, 15-n024TX, 15-n025TU, 15-n025TX, 15-n026TU, 15-n027TX, 15-n028TX, 15-n029TX, 15-n055TX, 15-n212AU, 15-n218AX, 15-n231TX TS, 15-n232TX TS, 15-n233TX TS, 15-n238TX, 15-n240TX, 15-n241TX, 15-n242TX, 15-n243TX, 15-n244TX, 15-n245TX, 15-n246TX, 15-n247TX, 15-n248TX, 15-n249TX, 15-n250TX, 15-n251TX, 15-n252TX, 15-n253TX, 15-n254TX, 15-n255TX, 15-n256TX, 15-n257TX, 15-n258TX, 15-n262TX, 15-n263TX, 15-n264TX, 15-n265TX, 15-n266TX, 15-n267TX, 15-n268TX, 15-n269TX, 15-n270TX, 15-n271TX TS, 15-n275TX, 15-n276TX, 15-n277TX, 15-n278TX, 15-n279TX, 15-n280TX, 15-n281TX, 15-n282TX, 15-n300TX, 15-n301TX, 15-n302TX, 15-n303TX TS, 15-p002la, 15-p006la LTNA, 15-p013AX, 15-p014AX, 15-p015AX, 15-p016AX, 15-p017AX, 15-p018TX, 15-p020TX, 15-p021TX, 15-p022TX, 15-p023TX, 15-p024AX, 15-p024TX, 15-p025TX, 15-p026AX, 15-p026TX, 15-p027AX, 15-p028AX, 15-p029AX, 15-p030AX, 15-p030TX, 15-p031AX, 15-p031TX, 15-p032TX, 15-p033TX, 15-p034TX, 15-p035AX, 15-p035TX, 15-p036AX, 15-p036TX, 15-p037TX, 15-p038AX, 15-p038TX, 15-p039AX, 15-p039TX, 15-p040TX, 15-p041TX, 15-p042AX, 15-p042TX, 15-p043AX, 15-p043TX, 15-p044AX, 15-p044TX, 15-p052TX, 15-p053TX, 15-p054TX, 15-p055TX, 15-p056TX, 15-p057TX, 15-p058TX, 15-p059TX, 15-p060TX, 15-p061TX, 15-p062TX, 15-p063TX, 15-p064TX, 15-p065TX, 15-p066TX, 15-p067TX, 15-p068TX, 15-p069TX, 15-p070TX, 15-p071TX, 15-p072TX, 15-p078TX, 15-p079TX, 15-p080TX, 15-p081TX, 15-p082TX, 15-p083TX, 15-p084TX, 15-p086TX, 15-p087TX, 15-p088TX, 15-p089TX, 15-p090TX, 15-p091TX, 15-p092TX, 15-p093TX, 15-p094TX, 15-p095TX, 15-p096TX, 15-p101TX, 15-p102TX, 15-p103TX, 15-p104TX, 15-p105TX, 15-p106TX, 15-p107TX, 15-p108TX, 15-p110TX, 15-p111TX , 15-p112TX, 15-p113TX, 15-p114TX, 15-p115TX, 15-p116TX, 15-p117TX, 15-p118TX, 17-e015dx, 17-e018dx, 17-e112dx, 17-e156us. 
HP Pavilion TS 10-e020AU, 10-e021AU, 10-e022AU, 11-e001AU, 11-e002AU, 11-e003AU, 11-e004AU, 11-e005AU, 11-e007AU, 11-e008AU, 11-e009AU, 11-e012AU, 11-e013AU, 11-e014AU, 11-e015AU, 11-e016AU, 11-e017AU, 11-e018AU, 11-e019AU, 11-e020AU, 11-e108AU, 11-e111AU, 14-n010TX Ultrabook, 14-n011TX, 14-n023TU, 14-n025TU, 14-n026TU, 14-n027TU, 14-n033TX Ultrabook, 14-n034TX Ultrabook, 14-n042TX Ultrabook, 14-n043TX Ultrabook, 14-n044TX Ultrabook, 14-n048TX, 15-n005AU, 15-n005TU, 15-n006AU, 15-n006TU, 15-n016TX, 15-n022TU, 15-n023TX, 15-n026TX.

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Color variation is possible due to the photographic lighting conditions, differences in screen resolutions and screen color variations & some colors are camera sensitive, they appear different in real and look different when clicked by a camera

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