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Why shop with us?

We pride ourselves in our ability to help you source the right products at the right price.

See below what sets us apart

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1000s of positive reviews across the web

Don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of real paying Lapgadgets customers are leaving rave reviews across the web. See for yourself.

Read our product reviews online:

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World class customer support when you need it

We don’t pretend to be perfect but we do resolve to make sure that all problems are resolved quickly, professionally and in the customer’s favour.

Contact Us

or browse our Frequently Asked Questions

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We have a wide range of products available Shop Lapgadgets

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* Unlisted next-day Delivery*

Every time you shop – no minimum order value.

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free shipping on lapgadgets

Cash on Delivery.

We may charge a small amount in advance for Cash On Delivery Orders to ensure better support and timely delivery.

This is to avoid fake orders and give better support to genuine customers like you.


Shipping Across India

Free shipping across nation for selected products. Shop at lapgadgets.in with confidence by mode of Cash on delivery / credit / debit card in selected cities. With more than 26000 pin code covered in India.

You can shop at lapgadgets.in with confidence. We have partnered with Paytm & Razorpay, a leading payment gatewayin India, to accept credit / debit  cards, netbanking, wallet payment and electronic check payments safely and securely for our customers.

Secured Transaction
Excellent Support

Best in class customer support. We consider your issues as ours. We are available on call (0261-3510304) or watsapp (click here) or mail us your query at [email protected] Timings are 10:30 am to 6.30 pm 

Get experts advice in buying correct laptop parts. Avoid the risk of laptop failure and other damage which may occur due to wrong part purchase. Our experts will be happy assisting you.

Expert's Advice
Easy Returns

Buy with confidence with our No RISK purchase. We offer 10 days free returns and 30 days moneyback guarantee in our products (click here) to know more.