Lappy Power HP SE03XL battery for HP Pavilion 14-AL series laptop – 29wh ,3 cells battery

Original price was: ₹4,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,999.00. Incl GST

  • Condition: New – Voltage: 14.4V Capacity: 29Wh
  • Replace Part Number: SE03XL HSTNN-LB7G HSTNN-UB6Z TPN-Q171 849908-850 849568-541
  • Fit For: HP Pavilion 14-AL100 14-AL125TX 14-AL136TX 14-AL027TX 14-AL028TX Series
  • How to raise the battery life: 1: After receiving the battery, Please charge it fully, then discharge it to around 10% ,and do it as three times. 2: If you don’t use the battery for a long time, please charge and discharge it once a month
  • Warranty: 6 Months Replacement warranty – 10 days Money Back guarantee by Lap Gadgets
  • Reach our product expert at +91-261-3150304 for more information.

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Lappy Power HP SE03XL battery for HP Pavilion 14-AL series laptop - 29wh ,3 cells battery 4,999.00 Original price was: ₹4,999.00.2,999.00Current price is: ₹2,999.00. Incl GST

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Vidyadhar Reddy
Vidyadhar Reddy
Wency Fernandes
Wency Fernandes
Good quality and faster delivery. Happy with their service.
Dipali Bhamare
Dipali Bhamare
Really fast and wonderful experience.
Aaditya Hajari
Aaditya Hajari
Arun Nishanth
Arun Nishanth
Capsico Events
Capsico Events
im very very satisfied, i gave above 5* for Lap Gadgets, genuine product, fast delivery, reasonable price and very safe packings, Thank u so much Lap Gadgets,
aditya Dubey
aditya Dubey
Filipe Noronha Ferreira
Filipe Noronha Ferreira
Received the part in time and well packed. Will order again from the supplier if the opportunity presents itself...

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Buy Lappy Power HP SE03XL Battery New

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Get the best out of our HP product experts having extensive knowledge of HP laptop batteries,

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HP SE03XL battery specs

The Perfect battery life for Your HP Pavilion 14-AL series

Get going with longer Battery Life and Improved Laptop Performance with this Lappy Power HP SE03XL BATTERY. This battery is with highest grade cells and best quality components which provides longer battery life with fast charging. This is battery is suitable to all HP Pavilion 14-AL series with Core i3, i5 and i7 Variants.

HP SE03XL Battery Price in India is the lowest on amongst all major online marketplaces in India.

This high quality rechargeable  LAPPY POWER HP SE03XL BATTERY is designed with the highest control standards; have internal circuit boards with smart chips ( Cell imbalance shut off protection, Thermal runaway protection, Overcharge shut off protection, Over discharge shut off protection, High/low temperature shut off protection ), and are made from eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury. Every HP laptop battery has been Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 and has passed strict safety tests. Long lasting, this extended 3 cells Lappy Power HP SE03XL battery can be charged/discharged for more than 600-800 cycles.

Here are some few Important Tips for using HP SE03XL Laptop Battery:

This New HP SE03XL Laptop Battery comes in discharged/ partially charged state and it should be charged minimum for 2-3 charge/ discharge cycles to achieve its optimum performance.

When you charge a new Battery your laptop power meter may indicate that charging is complete after a few minutes, don’t worry about it and just remove the battery and install it again and repeat the charging procedure.

This Replacement Battery requires some technical skills to install it and user can either install it or hire a technician to do it. Please refer DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos available our website for your convenience.

It is important to fully charge and fully discharge rechargeable laptop batteries after every 2 weeks, failing to do so may decrease Battery Life.

Lappy Power HP SE03XL Battery Backup will be minimum 2-3 hours and Maximum will depend on your Laptop Usage/ condition 

If your HP Battery is not charging then kindly try a different charger to verify because this problem may occur due to a faulty charger also.

If Battery will not be in use for a long time then it is recommended that you should remove it from the device and store it in a cool, dry and clean place

HP SE03XL Battery - Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible part numbers
  • 849568-421
  • 849568-541
  • 849908-850
  • SE03041XL
  • SE03XL
  • TPN-Q171
Fits HP laptop models:
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NB
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NV
  • Pavilion 14-AL000NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL001NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL001TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL001TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL002NS
  • Pavilion 14-AL002TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL003NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL003TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL003TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL004NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL004TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL005NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL005NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL006NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL006NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL006TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL006UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL007NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL007NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL007TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL007TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL007UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL008NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL008TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL008TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL008UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL009NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL009TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL009UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL010NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL010TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL010TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL010UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL011ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL011TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL011TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL011UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL012TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL013TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL014TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL015NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL015TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL016TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL017TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL017TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL018NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL018NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL018TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL018TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL019NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL019TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL020TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL021TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL021TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL022TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL022TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL023TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL023TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL024TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL024TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL025TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL025TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL026TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL026TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL027TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL027TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL028TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL029TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL030TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL033TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL037TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL038TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL039TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL040TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL044TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL046TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL047TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL048TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL049TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL050TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL052TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL056TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL058TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL059TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL061NR
  • Pavilion 14-AL061TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL062NR
  • Pavilion 14-AL067TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL068TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL069TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL070TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL071TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL072TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL073TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL074TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL075TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL082NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL083NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL083TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL084TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL085TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL086TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL087NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL087TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL088TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL089NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL089TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL090NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL090TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL091NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL092NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NQ
  • Pavilion 14-AL100NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NL
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NQ
  • Pavilion 14-AL101NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL101TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL101UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NK
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NL
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL102NX
  • Pavilion 14-AL102TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL102UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NB
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NM
  • Pavilion 14-AL103NU
  • Pavilion 14-AL103TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NI
  • Pavilion 14-AL104NIA
  • Pavilion 14-AL104TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL105NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL105NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL105TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL106NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL106TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL106TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL107NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL107NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL107NT
  • Pavilion 14-AL107TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL108NE
  • Pavilion 14-AL108NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL108TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL109NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL109TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL109UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL110NB
  • Pavilion 14-AL110ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL110NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL110TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL110TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL110UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL111ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL111NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL111TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL111TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL111UR
  • Pavilion 14-AL112NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL112NJ
  • Pavilion 14-AL112TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL113NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL114NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL114TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL115NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL115NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL115TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL115TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL116NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL116TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL117NF
  • Pavilion 14-AL117TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL118NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL118TU
  • Pavilion 14-AL119NA
  • Pavilion 14-AL119TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL120ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL120TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL121TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL122TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL123TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL124TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL125ND
  • Pavilion 14-AL125TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL126TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL127TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL128TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL129TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL130TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL131TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL132NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL132TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL133TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL134TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL135TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL136TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL137TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL138TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL139TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL140TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL141TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL142TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL143TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL144TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL145TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL146TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL147TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL148TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL149TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL150TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL151TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL152TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL155TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL156TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL157TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL158TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL159TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL161TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL162TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL163TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL164TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL165TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL166TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL167TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL168TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL169TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL170NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL170TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL171NG
  • Pavilion 14-AL171NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL171TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL172NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL172TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL173TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL174NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL174TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL175TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL176TX
  • Pavilion 14-AL180NO
  • Pavilion 14-AL182NO

Additional information

Weight05 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 5 cm


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