HP SU06XL for Spectre X360 15-DF, 15-DF Series,(84.08Wh, 6 cells)

Original price was: ₹8,999.00.Current price is: ₹5,699.00. Incl GST

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  • Condition: Brand New
  • Voltage: 11.55 V – Capacity: 84.08Wh  (7280mAh)
  • Number of Cells: 6 cells
  • Cell Type: Li-ion – Color: Black
  • Warranty: 6 months Replacement warranty By Lap Gadgets (10 days money back guarantee)
  • Reach our product expert at +91-261-3150304 for more information.

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HP SU06XL Battery
HP SU06XL for Spectre X360 15-DF, 15-DF Series,(84.08Wh, 6 cells) 8,999.00 Original price was: ₹8,999.00.5,699.00Current price is: ₹5,699.00. Incl GST

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Vidyadhar Reddy
Vidyadhar Reddy
Wency Fernandes
Wency Fernandes
Good quality and faster delivery. Happy with their service.
Dipali Bhamare
Dipali Bhamare
Really fast and wonderful experience.
Aaditya Hajari
Aaditya Hajari
Arun Nishanth
Arun Nishanth
Capsico Events
Capsico Events
im very very satisfied, i gave above 5* for Lap Gadgets, genuine product, fast delivery, reasonable price and very safe packings, Thank u so much Lap Gadgets,
aditya Dubey
aditya Dubey
Filipe Noronha Ferreira
Filipe Noronha Ferreira
Received the part in time and well packed. Will order again from the supplier if the opportunity presents itself...

New Genuine HP SU06XL Notebook Battery 84Wh/7280mAh 11.55V



Battery type: Li-Polymer  | Voltage :11.55v  | Capacity: 84.08 wh | Color :Black | Battery condition: Brand New | Warranty :- 6 months Replacement warranty By Lap Gadgets (10 days money back guarantee)

hp spectre x360 15df0026na 2




Part Number: HSTNN-DB8W,  L29184-005  Fit for: Spectre X360 15-DF series laptop




Our brand new 84.08wh 11.55v replacement HP SU06XL is made with high quality cells ( SANYO, BAK, SAMSUNG etc.), lasting as long as the original battery did. All of our Li-ion replacement batteries for HP SU06XL  have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original battery performance and 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications. Every piece of HP SU06XL  has been tested on HP systems to ensure the safety for your HP laptop.


This high quality rechargeable HP SU06XL  is designed with the highest control standards; have internal circuit boards with smart chips ( Cell imbalance shut off protection, Thermal runaway protection, Overcharge shut off protection, Over discharge shut off protection, High/low temperature shut off protection ), and are made from eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury. Every replacement HP laptop batterry has been Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 and has passed strict safety tests. Long lasting, this extended HP SU06XL  battery can be charged/discharged for more than 500-700 cycles.


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Top Quality Battery Cells

When it comes to laptop batteries – it all boils down to the battery cells inside. Our batteries are equipped with Top A+ Grade cells which ensure quality performance

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True Capacity

Don’t fall for fake capacity ads out there. All of our batteries are rigorously tested to meet or exceed OEM’s specifications

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Built To Perform

We’ve incorporated Grade A NMC battery cells to ensure longer battery life and durability

Use it anywhere you go. Get optimum performance at every stage of your life.

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work anywhere


Compatible HP Battery Part Number
  • SU06XL
  • L29048-271
  • L29184-005

Compatible HP Laptop Model Name

  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000NF
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000NV
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000NX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0000UR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0001Nf
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0001Nv
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0001NX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0001TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0002NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0002NF
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0002NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0002NX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0002TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0003NC
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0003NX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0003TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0004NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0004NC
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0004Ne
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0004TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0005NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0005NE
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0005NF
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0005NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0005TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0006NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0006TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0007NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0007TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0008CA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0008NC
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0008TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0009NC
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0009Nf
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0009TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0010CA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0010Nf
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0010TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0011NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0011Nf
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0011TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0012NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0012TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0013DX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0013TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0014TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0015TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0015UR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0016NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0016TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0017TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0018TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0018UR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0019TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0020TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0021TX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0022NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0023DX
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0025NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0025NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0026NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0027NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0028NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0028NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0029NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0032NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0037UR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0038UR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0044NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0062NB
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0065NR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0068NR
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0100
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0100ND
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0104NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0106NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0108NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0126NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0180NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0303NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0304NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0306NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0322NG
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0400ND
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0400NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0500ND
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0590NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0599NA
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0707NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0709NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0757NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0797NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0800
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0800NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0800NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0801NO
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0850NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0900NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0950NZ
  • Spectre X360 15-DF0999NB

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions34 × 16 × 6 cm





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    excellent battery

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