Asus A41N1501 battery for Asus Rog GL752JW GL752VL GL752VW N552 N552V N552VW N752V N752VW

Original price was: ₹3,999.00.Current price is: ₹2,199.00. Incl GST

  • Battery Type: – Capacity: 30WH – Voltage: 15V. If you need Original Asus battery click here
  • Images shown is just for reference, capacity and voltage ratings are as per the description mentioned
  • New Generic, Replacement 12 months warranty Best Customer service, Buy with confidence: 
  • replace for ASUS A41N1501 0B110-00360000 0B110-00360100 A41LK9H
  • fit for ASUS GL752V GL752VL GL752VLM GL752VW GL752VWM Series

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Asus A41N1501 battery for Asus Rog GL752JW GL752VL GL752VW N552 N552V N552VW N752V N752VW 3,999.00 Original price was: ₹3,999.00.2,199.00Current price is: ₹2,199.00. Incl GST

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Real Reviews from Real Buyers

Vigneshwara Adiga
Vigneshwara Adiga
Looks Good battery. Gunuinity - Dont know. Laptop is runs with this. But it has following issues: 1) When it is fully charged, It shows as disconnected 2) During run on battery does not shows the remaining usage time 3) When I observed the battery color code wire, one wire has different color.!
Sanjay Kumar Singh
Sanjay Kumar Singh
Harsh Gadariya
Harsh Gadariya
I recently purchased a original battery for my Dell Precision 5540 from LapGadget, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. Not only did they offer the battery at a price lower than the market rate, but their customer service was also exceptional. When the battery health declined after few months of purchase, LapGadget provided outstanding support for the warranty claim. The staff and owner, Chiragbhai, were incredibly helpful and professional throughout the process. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and the friendly nature of their team made the entire experience seamless and stress-free. I highly recommend LapGadget for their excellent products and top-notch service. Don't Think twice before before placing the order...
omkar kamat
omkar kamat
I got a replacement batter for my HP Laptop. The service was quick and upto the mark. I installed the battery and its working fine as of now. Good experience till date.
Ayush Agrawal
Ayush Agrawal
preetam pawar
preetam pawar
Kartik Shah
Kartik Shah
Great support and product. Fast delivery
Bought a replacement battery from here. speedy delivery, reasonable price and the product quality is good. Thank you 👍🏻
Sarabjeet Singh
Sarabjeet Singh
Was looking for a charger for my macbook but the original charger costs around Rs 5000 but this dell charger costed only Rs 1533 and it works perfectly. Bought this on advice from the lap gadgets customer care on whatsapp.

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Asus A41N1501 battery for Asus Rog GL752JW GL752VL GL752VW N552 N552V N552VW N752V N752VW

asus Rog GL752VW

Battery type:Li-ion  | Voltage :15v  | Capacity: 30 Wh| Color :Black | Battery condition: Brand New | Warranty : 12 months 

Part Number: A41N1501 0B110-00360000 0B110-00360100 A41LK9H   Fit forASUS ROG N551VW GL752VW G752VW N552V N552VX N752VX GL752VW-T4108D GL752VW-2B GL752VL-1A 

Our brand new 15v replacement Asus A41N1501 battery is made with high quality cells ( SANYO, BAK, SAMSUNG etc.), lasting as long as the original battery did. All of our Li-ion replacement batteries for Asus A41N1501 have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original battery performance and 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications. Every piece of Asus A41N1501 has been tested on Asus systems to ensure the safety for your Asus laptop.

This high quality rechargeable Asus A41N1501 battery is designed with the highest control standards; have internal circuit boards with smart chips ( Cell imbalance shut off protection, Thermal runaway protection, Overcharge shut off protection, Over discharge shut off protection, High/low temperature shut off protection ), and are made from eco-friendly materials without lead or mercury. Every replacement Asus laptop batterry has been Certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 and has passed strict safety tests. Long lasting, this extended Asus A41N1501 battery can be charged/discharged for more than 500-700 cycles.

True Capacity

High performance batteries that deliver 100% of the specified battery capacity

Highy Quality Chip

Top quality materials and circuits boards ensure durability and performance

Quicker Charging 

High quality A grade cells ensures quicker charging and lower power consumption.

Built to perform 

We’ve incorporated Grade A NMC battery cells to ensure longer battery life and durability

Use it anywhere you go. Get optimum performance at every stage of your life.

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work anywhere


Compatibles Part Numbers

  • A41N1501 
  • 0B110-00360000 
  • 0B110-00360100 
  • A41LK9H 

Fit Models

  • G752VW
  • GL752JW
  • GL752VL
  • GL752VL-1A
  • GL752VL-2B
  • GL752VL-GC057T
  • GL752VW
  • GL752VW Serie
  • GL752VW-1A
  • GL752VW-2B
  • GL752VW-3B
  • GL752VW-DH71
  • GL752VW-GS71
  • GL752VW-T4004T
  • GL752VW-T4016D
  • GL752VW-T4064D
  • GL752VW-T4065D
  • GL752VW-T4077T
  • GL752VW-T4079T
  • GL752VW-T4091T
  • GL752VW-T4104T
  • GL752VW-T4105
  • GL752VW-T4108D
  • GL752VW-T4122T
  • GL752VW-T4130T
  • GL752VW-T4137T
  • GL752VW-T4138T
  • GL752VW-T4179T
  • GL752VW-T4180T
  • GL752VW-T4188T
  • GL752VW-T4189T
  • GL752VW-T4243T
  • GL752VW-T4322D
  • N552V
  • N552V-W-FY136T
  • N552VW
  • N552VW-1A
  • N552VW-1B
  • N552VW-2A
  • N552VW-FI040T
  • N552VW-FI043T
  • N552VW-FI056T
  • N552VW-FI057T
  • N552VW-FI061T
  • N552VW-FI140T
  • N552VW-FI202T
  • N552VW-FW026T
  • N552VW-FW055T
  • N552VW-FY059T
  • N552VW-FY060T
  • N552VW-FY083T
  • N552VW-FY132T
  • N552VW-FY136T
  • N552VW-FY254T
  • N552VX
  • N552VX -FY024D
  • N552VX-1A
  • N552VX-2A
  • N552VX-76A95SB1
  • N552VX-FI018T
  • N552VX-FW027T
  • N552VX-FW038T
  • N552VX-FW097T
  • N552VX-FW120T
  • N552VX-FW131T
  • N552VX-FW140T
  • N552VX-FW197T
  • N552VX-FW198T
  • N552VX-FW320T
  • N552VX-FY012T
  • N552VX-FY017T
  • N552VX-FY024D
  • N552VX-FY026T
  • N552VX-FY071T
  • N552VX-FY103T
  • N552VX-FY104T
  • N552VX-FY105T
  • N552VX-FY137T
  • N552VX-FY200T
  • N552VX-FY209D
  • N552VX-FY299T
  • N552VX-FY382T
  • N752
  • N752V
  • N752VW
  • N752VX
  • N752VX-GC088T
  • N752VX-GC101T
  • N752VX-GC128T
  • N752VX-GC133T
  • N752VX-GC134T
  • N752VX-GC190T
  • N752VX-GC197T
  • N752VX-GC234T
  • UX450
  • UX450F
  • UX450FD
  • UX480
  • UX480F
  • UX480FD
  • UX580
  • UX580G
  • UX580GD
  • UX580GE
  • VivoBook Pro
  • N552VW
  • VivoBook Pro
  • N552VW-FI040T
  • VivoBook Pro
  • N552VW-FI056T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VW-FW026T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VW-FY083T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VW-FY217T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FI018T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY012T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY017T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY026T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY071T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY103T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY104T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY105T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY137T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY200T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY291T
  • VivoBook Pro N552VX-FY382T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC049T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC087T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC089T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC094T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC116T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC131T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC138T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC139T
  • VivoBook Pro N752VX-GC189T
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX450
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX450F
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX450FD
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX480
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX480F
  • ZenBook Pro 14 UX480FD
  • ZenBook Pro 15 UX580
  • ZenBook Pro 15 UX580G
  • ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GD
  • ZenBook Pro 15 UX580GE
  • ZenBook Pro UX450
  • ZenBook Pro UX450F
  • ZenBook Pro UX450FD
  • ZenBook Pro UX480
  • ZenBook Pro UX480F
  • ZenBook Pro UX480FD
  • ZenBook Pro UX580
  • ZenBook Pro UX580G
  • ZenBook Pro UX580GD
  • ZenBook Pro UX580GE
  • ZenBook UX450
  • ZenBook UX450F
  • ZenBook UX450FD
  • ZenBook UX480
  • ZenBook UX480F
  • ZenBook UX480FD
  • ZenBook UX580
  • ZenBook UX580G
  • ZenBook UX580GD
  • ZenBook UX580GE


Frequently asked questions

Please find out your old battery’s part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first (like ‘Asus Eee PC 1000’), then to match our product compatibility chart. Second please compare your old battery to our product images ensure their shape is same. Finally check the voltage(Rating) is same to your old battery’s. More details please click How to find one correct battery for my laptop?

100% OEM compatible, guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original Asus A41N1501  battery (ensure same size & high quality). And all our replacement Asus A41N1501  have obtained international certification( CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 ).

New Asus A41N1501 battery pack is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. Please cycle your new Asus A41N1501 pack by fully charge and discharge it for 3-5 times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity before use.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 10 × 5 cm



Part Number

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