• HP HV02XL battery for HP Pavilion X360 11-K SERIES LAPTOP 796219-421, 796355-005, HSTNN-LB6P, HV02XL, TPN-Q164, TPN-W112

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    • Condition: New Voltage: 7.6V Capacity: 32Wh Shipping Time: 1-2 Working Days
    • Replace Part Number: HV02XL
    • Fit for:HP HV02XL HSTNN-LB6P TPN-Q164 TPN-W112 796219-421
    • Warranty: 10 days Money Back Promised, 12 months Anytime Worry-Free Warranty!
    • Raise the battery life:1:After receiving the battery,Please charge it fully, then discharge it to around 10% ,and do it as three times. 2:If you don’t use the battery for a long time, please charge and discharge it once a month
    From: 5,999.00 GST Included From: 2,999.00 GST Included
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