Asus A41N1424 battery for Asus GL552 GL552J GL552JX GL552V GL552VW GL552VX ZX50 ZX50J ZX50V

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  • Lap Gadgets battery for asus is high-quality laptop battery dedicated for Asus GL552 GL552J GL552JX GL552V GL552VW GL552VX ZX50 ZX50J ZX50V.
  • The battery features Li-ion cells, that are a guarantee of real capacity, reliability and long working hours.
  • The battery is a precisely designed model that matches a specific laptop to ensure highest work efficiency, stability and safety.
  • NOTE:- Please select the brand from given option Menu
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty by Lap Gadgets
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Manajit Jana
Manajit Jana
Customer support is very good and reliable.
Kayyala Subba Rao
Kayyala Subba Rao
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma
The quality of the product I orderd was very good. Delivery was on time. Satisfied 😀
Srinivas Yalamarthy
Srinivas Yalamarthy
Indeed, it was a pleasant experience. I had numerous doubts when attempting to procure a battery for my Macbook Air. After carefully considering the pros and cons, I ultimately decided to go with Lap Gadgets. Although I initially had reservations since it was my first time dealing with them, I was pleasantly surprised. The battery was delivered as promised, and I have successfully installed it. Currently, it is working fine and providing me with a backup of over 5 hours. I hope it continues to perform well in the long run. If it consistently provides me with good backup, I will enthusiastically recommend Lap Gadgets through my social media channels. I extend my best wishes to them.
whyral video
whyral video
Very good service
Amith Golla
Amith Golla
Bought a display and it’s awesome! Would recommend it. But please consult their support before a purchase to see if it supports your laptop.
ali manasia
ali manasia
I had great experience with Lap Gadgets. Support and response is spontaneous. Keep it up.
Vipul Mishra
Vipul Mishra
Their service is extremely good. They are very professional in their dealing. Their return policy is also very good. I have had very professional and fast response from the team. I wish to recommend them due to their continued focus on customer need and service. They were prompt on phone and email. The response was Swift and delivery was super fast.
Dhara Shah
Dhara Shah
Good website compare to Amazon in order to purchase the new Asus charger in reasonable price. Also their customer service is also good. The person guided me to purchase the correct pin charger. I will definitely recommend website in case if u r ordering first time.

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    A41N1424 battery for Asus GL552 GL552J GL552JX GL552V GL552VW GL552VX ZX50 ZX50J ZX50V

    The brand new 14.8V / 14.4V (4 cells) replacement Asus A41N1424 Lion battery is totally compatible with the original manufacturer’s specifications. Through tested, all our Li-ion replacement batteries for Asus have been certified to meet and even exceed the original battery performance. 
    Each replacement battery of the Asus  laptop has been tested on the Asus system before being dispatched to ensure the safety of your Asus laptop.
    Our Asus A41N1424 laptop battery which we design is in strict accordance with the highest control standards. It carries with a smart interior circuit board that provides battery-unbalanced-shut-off protection, thermal runaway protection, overcharged protection, over-discharged-shut-off protection, and high/low-temperature-shut-off protection. Asus A41N1424 notebook battery is made of environmentally friendly materials, without lead and mercury. It is certified as a safe and reliable product through a series of rigorous tests on the Asus examine system.
    Built To Perform

    We’ve incorporated Grade A NMC battery cells to ensure longer battery life and durability

    True Capacity

    Don’t fall for fake capacity ads out there. All of our batteries are rigorously tested to meet or exceed OEM’s specifications

    Top Quality Battery Cells

    When it comes to laptop batteries – it all boils down to the battery cells inside. Our batteries are equipped with Top A+ Grade cells which ensure quality performance.

    Smart Control Chip

    Built in smart control chip conveniently offers Quicker charging, lower power consumption and longer discharge time.

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    Product Description

    Lap Gadgets batteries keep you connected always to carry out your important work on your laptop. No matter wherever you are.

    Our replacement batteries are best in market in terms of quality, reliability and price. You are being asssured for every paise you spent on our batteries.

    • Fresh batteries – 0-Cycle – all our batteries are unused, fresh directly from factory.
    • Premium Cells – We use quailty cells with atmost capacity.
    • Rigorous Testing – All our batteries are tested to ensure it gives optimal performance to you.

    Product highlights

    • Type – Lithium- Ion battery
    • Cells –  4 cells 
    • Capacity – 2200mAh / 3150 mAh


    • 12 months carry in replacement warranty 

    Return & Replacement

    • We are confident in our product hence we give you 10 days free returns & 30 days self return window to either get replacement or return (know more)

    High Quality Asus A41N1424 Battery

    High quality component

    This Asus A41N1424 battery replacement has built-in A+ grade cells and high-quality TI intelligent control chip, which not only performs better, charges faster but lasts longer. In addition, the outer shell of the Asus A41N1424 battery is made according to the original battery shape design scheme, using high temperature and wear-resistant ABS +PC alloy environmentally friendly materials, which can be 100% compatible with your laptop and fit closely.

    100% True Capacity

    Do not be deceived by the false capacity advertisements from bad merchants, of which battery capacity will often drop off significantly after using a few months. Made with the highest quality “A” grade cells, our Asus A41N1424 laptop battery has passed various strict quality tests to ensure that it meets OEM specifications, which can provide more than 600 charging cycles to maintain the same capacity for a long time.

    Safety first!

    Using a poor battery with unstable performance may do harm to the notebook and your safety. Our Asus A41N1424 replacement battery has passed CE, UL, ROHS, and other international authority certifications, which provides a variety of protection functions, effectively preventing common risks such as short circuits, overheating, and overvoltage. In order to protect your laptop and your safety, please rest assured to purchase our high-quality batteries!

    Why buy from Lap Gadgets ?

    Fast Shipping

    The shipment will be arranged within 24 hours (working day) after we receiving the order. The shipping notification will be sent via email after confirming the shipment, which will contain the details of your order and tracking information of the package.

    Secure Packaging

    To ensure that the new Asus A41N1424 battery can be safely delivered to your hands, it will be firstly packed in an anti-static bag, then wrapped with a drop-proof synthetic foam, finally enclosed into sturdy cardboard and sealed with waterproof plastic tape

    30 Days Money Back

    In order to minimize the risk during the purchase process from customers, our return period is 30 days instead of 7 or 14 days! You can easily request a refund within 30 days since receiving the product if you are not satisfied with our Asus ZX50 laptop battery or our service.

    10 days Free Repair/Replacement

    Now get hassle free return / replacement within 10 days of delivery to you. In case of issue in the item purchased inform us within 10 days of delivery, we will arrnage free pickup for returns or replacement.

    Safety first

    Over Voltage Protection
    Over Charge Protection
    Over Discharge Protection
    Electromagnetic Protection
    Over Heating Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    Intelligent Protection
    Charging Time Protection

    Compatible Part Numbers

    • A41N1424
    • 0B110-00350000
    • 0B110-00350300
    • 0B110-00231100
    • 0B110-00231100M

    Fits Laptop Models

    • FX552JX
    • FX-Plus 4200
    • FX-PLUS 4720
    • FZ50VL
    • FZ50VW
    • FZ50VW-56C96PB1
    • FZ50VW-NS51
    • FZ50VX
    • FZ50VX-56A95CB1
    • FZ50VX-76A95SB1
    • FZ50VX-76B95CS2
    • FZ50VX-WS74
    • G552JX
    • G552JX-XO093D
    • G552VL
    • G552VW-CN287D
    • G552VW-CN288D
    • G552VW-CN452T
    • G552VW-DM269T
    • G552VW-DM270T
    • G552VW-DM344T
    • G552VW-DM345T
    • G552VW-DM814T
    • G552VX-CN109T
    • G552VX-DM088T
    • ROG G552JX-DM014H
    • ROG G552JX-DM174H
    • ROG G552VL-CN003T
    • ROG G552VW-CN448T
    • ROG G552VW-DM267T
    • ROG G552VW-DM272T
    • ROG G552VW-DM475T
    • ROG G552VX-DM177T
    • ROG G552VX-DM197T
    • ROG G552VX-DM276T
    • ROG G552VX-DM283T
    • ROG GL552JX-CN009H
    • ROG GL552JX-CN029D
    • ROG GL552JX-CN090D
    • ROG GL552JX-CN154H
    • ROG GL552JX-CN155H
    • ROG GL552JX-CN156H
    • ROG GL552JX-CN182H
    • ROG GL552JX-CN228D
    • ROG GL552JX-CN335T
    • ROG GL552JX-CN369D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM019D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM033H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM072H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM079H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM085H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM087D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM088H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM109D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM144D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM144H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM165H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM174H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM188D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM264H
    • ROG GL552JX-DM269T
    • ROG GL552JX-DM285T
    • ROG GL552JX-DM291D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM292D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM343T
    • ROG GL552JX-DM356D
    • ROG GL552JX-DM390T
    • ROG GL552JX-XO083D
    • ROG GL552JX-XO083H
    • ROG GL552JX-XO093D
    • ROG GL552JX-XO139D
    • ROG GL552JX-XO305D
    • ROG GL552JX-XO345T
    • ROG GL552VL
    • ROG GL552VL-0023B6700HQ
    • ROG GL552VL-CN028T
    • ROG GL552VL-CN044D
    • ROG GL552VL-CN046D
    • ROG GL552VL-DM023T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN058D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN090D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN091D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN104T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN108T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN114T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN134T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN157T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN164T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN174D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN211D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN214T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN273T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN274T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN286T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN298T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN313T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN320T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN335T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN353T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN354T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN387T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN388T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN430T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN446T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN457T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN461D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN470T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN471T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN480T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN481T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN501T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN515D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN516D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN565D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN601D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN602T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN618T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN624T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN625T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN704T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN739T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN793T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN875T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN893T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN896T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN923D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN926D
    • ROG GL552VW-CN926T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN947T
    • ROG GL552VW-CN951T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM002T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM010D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM099D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM132T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM141
    • ROG GL552VW-DM141T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM142T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM149
    • ROG GL552VW-DM149T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM150T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM151T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM156T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM195T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM197T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM198T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM201T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM205T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM210T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM212T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM225T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM337T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM349T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM350T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM351T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM463T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM464T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM490T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM594T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM643T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM675T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM686T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM732D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM733D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM762D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM775T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM777T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM789T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM797T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM806T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM812T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM862T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM880D
    • ROG GL552VW-DM881T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM890T
    • ROG GL552VW-DM949D
    • ROG GL552VW-FI485
    • ROG GL552VW-IH78
    • ROG GL552VW-Q72BS
    • ROG GL552VX-CN036T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN055T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN059D
    • ROG GL552VX-CN060D
    • ROG GL552VX-CN062D
    • ROG GL552VX-CN117T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN146T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN198D
    • ROG GL552VX-CN239T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN246T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN267T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN312T
    • ROG GL552VX-CN368T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM018D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM044T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM076T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM087T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM119T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM143D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM151D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM183D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM212D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM216T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM229D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM248T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM261T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM262D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM270T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM272T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM293T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM294D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM310D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM335T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM336D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM356D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM363T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM365T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM390T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM401T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM406T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM447D
    • ROG GL552VX-DM448T
    • ROG GL552VX-DM482
    • ROG GL552VX-DM493T
    • ROG GL552VX-XO081D
    • ROG GL552VX-XO103T
    • ROG GL552VX-XO104D
    • ROG GL552VX-XO104T
    • ROG ZX50JX4200
    • ROG ZX50JX4720
    • ZX50VW6300
    • ZX50VW6700

    Some tips to increase the life of Asus A41N1424 battery

    1. Please carefully read the instructions before using the battery.
    2. Before using the new replacement Asus A41N1424 for the first time, make sure that the battery is full charge for the first time usage and then get it discharge up to 5% and then recharge it for the same pattern for couple of times.
    3. You’d better use a dedicated AC adapter when charging the new Asus A41N1424 Battery
    4. You’d better turn off your Asus laptop when the Asus A41N1424 battery is charging; do not pull out the power plug or use your computer when charging for the first time.
    5. If you don’t use laptop for a long time, please remove the Asus A41N1424 battery, and place it in a ventilated and dry place.
    6. Excessively high or low temperature environment should be avoided when using the replacement Asus A41N1424 battery, as the too low or too high temperature will affect the battery life.


    Additional information

    Weight0.5 kg
    Dimensions31 × 10 × 6 cm


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    11 reviews for Asus A41N1424 battery for Asus GL552 GL552J GL552JX GL552V GL552VW GL552VX ZX50 ZX50J ZX50V

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    1. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      The product was delivered without inconvenience in quick time; genuine product

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    2. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      received in a good condition

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    3. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      nice backup

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    4. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      I am not getting this battery anywhere and got it from the Lap Gadgets , Thank you

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    5. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Working absolutely fine. Happy with my decision to purchase this one.

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    6. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Received a brand new Product. Very early delivery than expected. Very easy to install. The battery is giving 6hours backup. It’s an excellent product. Recommended for purchase.

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    7. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Good quality

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    8. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Was thinking it to buy it or not since my old battery was not working so i purchased this and it seems to be working good label and certifications are similar to original one.

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    9. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Everything looks fine after running component tests battery checkup on hardware diagnostics

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    10. Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

      Working absolutely fine give more than 3 hours backup happy to buy

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    Asus A41N1424 battery for Asus GL552 GL552J GL552JX GL552V GL552VW GL552VX ZX50 ZX50J ZX50V

    From: 2,999.00 Incl GST From: 2,299.00 Incl GST (-34%)

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