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HP LA04 notebook battery for HP Pavilion 15-n205tx, 15-N010TX 4 cell Battery

Rs. 3,810

Product Code: BHPLA04-1
  • 100% Original Product - Replaces LA04 LAO4 728460-001 752237-001 HSTNN-DB5M HSTNN-IB6R HSTNN-UB5M
  • 12 months replacement warranty from HP
  • High quality grade A cells battery
  • 4 cells 2600 mah / Voltage: 14.4v
  • Call our customer care 9016-190-190 for Purchase information

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  • Number of Cells: 4-cell / 14.8 Volt / 2600 mAh
  • Compatible Models : HP Pavilion 14-n000sc, 14-n003ej, 14-n009sa, 14-n010ax, 14-n012eo, 14-n018us, 14-n019nr, 14-n021tu, 14-n024tx, 14-n028la, 14-n035tx, 14-n038tx, 14-n040ef, 14-n040tu, 14-n042tx, 14-n049tx, 14-n055sa, 14-n055tx, 14-n056sa, 14-n059tx, 14-n060tx, 14-n061tx, 14-n073ca, 14-n075tx, 15-n001sr, 15-n002ej, 15-n002sr, 15-n003sr, 15-n004ej, 15-n004sr, 15-n005sr, 15-n006sr, 15-n007sr, 15-n008sr, 15-n009sr, 15-n010sr, 15-n011sr
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  • 15-n079er, 15-n079sr, 15-n080er, 15-n080sr, 15-n080sw, 15-n081er, 15-n081sr, 15-n083sr, 15-n087er, 15-n087sr, 15-n088er, 15-n088sr, 15-n089er, 15-n089sr, 15-n090er, 15-n090sr, 15-n091er, 15-n091sr, 15-n092er, 15-n093er, 15-n093sr, 15-n094er, 15-n095er, 15-n095sr, 15-n201sr, 15-n201tu TouchSmart, 15-n202sr, 15-n203sr, 15-n204sr, 15-n205sr, 15-n206sr, 15-n207sr, 15-n208sr, 15-n209sr, 15-n210sr, 15-n211sr, 15-n212sr
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